Friday, May 29, 2009

Why so Dry?

paani kum/come is a group of likeminded-volunteers who one day decided that they really did miss the rain. And since raindances don't work these days- the least we can do is conserve. Though they don't delve into issue of sustainability and water itself, they hope to become a platform between those who do work and those who are sentimental bout the lack of water in this city


Come one come all, with your much ignored UMBRELLAS for a flash mobbing public performance.

When - 30th of july 09
Where- Barton Center (barista), M.G. Road
What - We meet as a group outside Barton center at 5 pm SHARP! for the mission briefing and watch synchronisation! From there we spread along brigade road. Where all will be told during the briefing. Dot at 5:30 everyone opens their umbrella and freezes where ever they are, in a pose that talks of their fav. rain time activity. for example, if you like reading a book while it rains, then open your umbrella and freeze in position that looks like you are reading a book! :) 
We stay frozen for 10 mins. We then walk to the cauvery junction, gather up, do what is told during the mission briefing, fold our umbrellas and disappear into the crowd. 
simple :)

More information coming soon

Monday, May 25, 2009


Logo options and bookmarks for a Women's Rights group Vimochana's Court of Women against Dowry and other forms of violence against women 
More coming soon. :) 

Free Binayak Sen Tshirts!

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